The Real Calpe

Want to learn more about the real Calpe?

With historic relics, sweeping cliffs and clear blue waters, our ancient fishing village in the heart of Valencia attracts travelers of all ages and interests. There's so much waiting to be discovered in Calpe, and our villas, apartments and penthouses offer uninhibited access to it all.

Standing tall above our city is the Peñon de Ifach, a rock outcropping and nature reserve. A steep climb delivers you to its peak, where you can look out over Calpe in its entirety - from the stone iglesias to the Mediterranean Sea stretching out towards the horizon.

Once you've seen it all from above, come down to sea level to explore Calpe's 14 coves and beaches - some of the most beautiful on the entire coast. With 300 sunny days each year and a comfortable Mediterranean climate, there's no bad time to visit Calpe's shores, and no shortage of ways to enjoy them. Waterskiing, sailing, and windsurfing are all popular pastimes in our village by the sea.

Landlubber? Don't fret. You don't need to make a splash to see the real Calpe. With a landscape this diverse, there are plenty of ways to make the most of our village. Like from the green, for example. Nestled in a country estate, the Ifach Golf Course has nine short holes that are made all-the-more interesting by narrow fairways and challenging terrain.

Or if you enjoy life a little more fast-paced, cycling routes weave throughout Calpe's city, coast and mountains, making it a popular destination for professional athletes and teams during training season.

But it's not just a picture-perfect scenery and cool sea breezes that beckon visitors from around the globe. History lives and breathes through the streets of Calpe. Wandering the streets of town, you'll find stunning relics of Valencia's gothic architecture at Iglesia Vieja (Old Church) and the remnants of a Roman villa and fish factory at Banys de la Reina (Queen's Bath). In the town center, the Museum of Archeology and Fiestas Museum put the city's and country's deep roots into perspective through educational exhibits.

After you've explored, satisfy your tastebuds with local gastronomy like paella Valenciana or arroz a banda (fish and rice stew). You'll find classic Mediterannean cuisine made with fresh ingredients at many eateries along the coastline. Whatever it is you're looking for in our stretch of Valencia, the team at Costa CarpeDiem will make sure you discover it.

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Which beach should you go today in Calpe?

Whether your choice consists in exploring remote locations or just relaxing by the seaside there are certainly a bunch of options for all tastes in Costa Blanca’s buzziest location. Come discover with Costa CarpeDiem the corner of Calpe that you should go today.

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1. Bassetes Cove

Bassetes Cove is the place where you go when need a snorkelling season but don’t want to get too much into it. With its spectacular clear water this cove is a hidden gem not many people know about yet but still very accessible.

2. Mallorquín Cove

Beach time and hiking? If this is your kind of plan for winter holidays in Costa Blanca this is your place to be! Get yourself to this beach by walking a beautiful path surrounded by nature and discover Calpe’s real landscapes when arriving to this hidden cove along the way.

3. Calalga Cove

For quiet beaches lovers only! This piece of paradise is remote enough to have the beach by yourself most of the time as the access is a little trickier than the rest but really worth the walk. Calalga Cove has got a sandy beach with pebble and enough underwater vegetation for you to take a little dip and snorkel around.

4. Levante Beach

Also known as La Fossa Beach is a family-friendly beach closer to town where you’ll find everything you need for your day out at the beach. Even in winter time its calmy waters and long sandy beach make it an outstanding place to rest and spend your time enjoying seafood restaurants and pubs. Moreover, Levante Beach is proudly awarded with a blue flag and Costa Carpediem has got some apartments nearby! Check them out here.

5. Penyal Cove

You can’t miss experiencing Calpe Rock without getting close to it by wandering around its coves. Even though Penyal Cove may seem too small, its rocky platforms and paths give it an adventurous touch and it’s a popular destination for fishing lovers and divers. Check out some water sports companies that offer free diving in this cove for the ultimate plan in Calpe.

6. Racó Cove

A lovely corner and the first one from the Southern Side. This cove is particularly fun as its closeness to the harbour attracks a bunch of marine life and birds plus it’s close to Calpe Rock. Raco Cove also gathers the ecological trail of Calpe with a great variety of marine sea life – some of them unique within the area. If you’d like to stay close to the beach check out here some of the penthouses with balcony and seaside views we offer for long term rentals and ideal for Winter Holidays.

7. Cantal Roig Beach

Surrounded by gorgeous scenery including rocky little cliffs around the cove, this medium-sized little bay boasts amazing views of Calpe Rock and an unbelievably clear water. An easy-going vibe kind of place, great to hang out with friends or family and it is easily accessible by car from some of our offered apartments in central Calpe check them out here (link penthouses).

8. Morello Cove

The pretty little sister to next door neighboring beach Arenal-Bol. This nice Cove is known for “Queen Baths” in a rocky headland and shallow calm sea turning it into an ideal spot for children as it becomes a nice playground to wander around and enjoy the seaside.

9. Arenal-Bol Beach

Arenal-Bol beach might be the most well known beach by the locals. There are many reasons why. It has got more than 1km of sandy beach and its waters are very tranquil most of the time. The long promenade that runs the length of the golden shore is peppered with restaurants and beach bars, making it a great place to set up for either a day on the beach or just a quick lunchtime snack.. If taking a glimpse into Calpe’s gastronomy this is your place to be these holidays!

10. Manzanera Cove

The tranquility of Manzanera just can’t be beaten by any other beach around. Its laid-back vibe will make you want to stay the whole day surrounded by this breathtaking corner. An ideal spot for those seeking relaxation away from fuzzier beaches as well as for snorkelers who might want to check local fauna and fishes.

11. Puerto Blanco Beach

By simply strolling around the little harbour next to Puerto Blanco Beach these clear shallow water spot is an off-the-radar place but still an amazing beach for kids and snorkelling or just to lay down your towel for some rest time.

12. Les Urques Cove

Your place to be if you’re feeling adventurous and want to enjoy some water sports activities! Surrounded by small rock pools turn it into a popular spot to try snorkeling and SUP Paddle for the first time. Diving lovers will also enjoy this cove.

13. Gasparet Cove

This exquisite cove its well-known by locals for its stunning green waters. Although it is likely people come here for underwater activities it is also a nice place to relax and spend the day with kids as it has enough space to lay your towel and stay in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

14. El Collao Cove

The always quiet, idyllic and remote Cove of El Collao is a hidden gem you’d want to discover while enjoying your winter holidays in Calpe. Surrounded by high rocky cliffs and fishing huts, the interesting rock formations make for some good snorkeling around the bay.

Now that you have all the beaches gathered, which one of this Calpe beaches suits you best today? Come enjoy all of them in a winter retreat in Costa Blanca and check out our luxury accommodation offered in Calpe for families and senior holidays here!

Discover our exclusive selection of villas and apartments for rent in Calpe!